A Powerful, Intuitive Interface

Truxton’s easy-to-use, analyst-driven interface allows you to get up to speed quickly, without mastering specialized code or techniques. With Truxton, simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of sophisticated tools. You’ll get cutting edge features like user-defined queries, entity filters, coordinated reviews, notes, and findings.

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Investigation Dashboard

The investigation dashboard provides a complete picture of the current status of each investigation. It shows the name, case number/type, investigator, and the media included in the investigation. It also provides and a host of other tools that allow you to manage, review, and export the case to other Truxton users.

Collaborative Forensics

Working together never felt this good.

Wouldn’t it be nice if multiple users could work on the same case at the same time? Or if you could send out a file to an off-site Subject Matter Expert for review? Export files to another platform without wrangling a bunch of proprietary code?

Truxton’s architecture allows you to assign multiple investigators to a task and manage the workload to avoid duplication of effort. And when the work is done, Truxton’s open architecture allows you to take your data into other tools for verification, archiving, or reporting.

Media Manager

Truxton uses a single database repository that allows loaded media to be used in multiple investigations. This allows data to be loaded once, instead of ingesting it for each investigation. The media dashboard allows you to quickly load and manage each piece of media, review its contents, and see if there are any registered alerts for the data source.

Information, Not Data

Truxton automatically exploits media data and delivers a summary of entities in an easy to understand format. A plain-English list of phone or credit card numbers, passwords, SSIDs, or USB identifiers that give you a head start on finding exactly what you need while eliminating the noise. Need to dive deeper? No problem. Truxton lets you go back to the original file directories, artifacts and registry files to find anything else you need for the case.

Information as Entities

Information as Data


A different forensics perspective.

Truxton isn’t an ordinary file viewer. It features powerful visualization tools that automatically put entities into the context of a timeline, conversation, or other visual format. This allows you to identify and analyze important findings in a fast, efficient manner that paints a clear picture of your case.


Truxton’s timeline lets you see activity before and after a selected date and time, letting you get to the meaningful events of a case quickly and efficiently.


Conversations allow you to see the dialog between parties, normalizing the communications medium from Email, SMS, social media, and other methods.

Powerful Querying

Build and save your favorite queries.

Truxton is no ordinary content indexing tool or keyword-driven search engine. Our customizable query filter lets you search, include and exclude by any combination of parameters such as MD5 hashes, entropy and much more. Best of all, you can save your custom queries to use in other investigations.


Get notified immediately.

Truxton allows Investigators to set up automated alert criteria (BOLOs) for things like phone numbers, serial numbers, USB device IDs, or raw database queries. Investigators can also register their contact information and specific case details to put the alert hit in context (like a case number). When these criteria are met, Truxton records an alert on the associated media.

Meaningful Management Metrics 

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Knowledge is power. Choose any cliché you want. The bottom line for managing a forensic lab is understanding how much data is being processed, how many cases are open, who you are doing work for, and identifying the bottlenecks that are keeping you from keeping up.

Truxton provides managers with an easy to understand, continuously updated snapshot of everything going through the lab. We call it Meaningful Management Metrics. You can call it the easiest way to justify the additional iron, analysts, and software you need to get the job done and make backlogs a thing of the past.

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