Portable Forensics Lab

Everything to collect, triage, and analyze digital evidence on-scene in one lightweight backpack.

Portable Forensics Lab (PFL)

The Portable Forensics Lab (PFL) combines industry-leading tools in an all-in-one, portable solution. The PFL provides Law Enforcement and Government Agencies the ability to immediately collect, exploit and triage media in the field, and export investigations back to their brick and mortar lab.

The PFL is capable of collecting on cell phones (iPhones, Androids, Blackberry’s, etc.), SIM cards, Drones, Tablets, GPS Devices, Digital Media (HDD, SD, MicroSD, Thumb Drives, etc.) and includes a camera for document and physical evidence imaging.

The PFL is available in several versions, using popular collection tools like ADF DEI Pro, Datapilot Desktop DP, XRY, Cellebrite, and MobilEdit. Each version also includes a full version of Truxton to utomates exploitation, artifact discovery, and correlations between disparate media sources from a single, intuitive workspace.

If you already own a mobile collection tool, the PFL is available without collection software to give your exiting tools a portable, tactical home.

The PFL comes in two versions, a Full Kit version and a lightweight Tactical PFL that weighs less than 10 lbs.

Portable Forensics Lab products are only available to government and law enforcement entities in the United States.



Take a digital forensics lab with you on the scene or in the field so you can get instant information.


Add the digital forensics tools you need to get the job done including; ADF DEI Pro, Datapilot Desktop DP, XRY, Cellebrite, and MobilEdit.


Our easy to carry design allows you to use it in a variety of locations the larger labs just can’t go.

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