Truxton LE & DataPilot 10 Bundle


Truxton offers DP-10 users powerful media management, correlation, timeline, and advanced reporting features. The Truxton LE license is a perpetual license with an annual SMS of $299 per license. The first year’s SMS is included. The DataPilot DP-10 includes the first year’s SMS, with an annual SMS of $1195, which is required to continue use of the device.

A flat rate shipping and handling charge of $25 will be added to each unit ordered.

Please allow 7-10 days for processing.



  • Load multiple DP-10 acquisitions into a single investigation for automated correlation across multiple phones, HDDs, USBs, drones, and other disparate data sources
  • Automatically identify and tag important file data like dark web activity, encrypted and embedded files, drone activity, and sensitive site violations
  • Place mobile events, conversations, and network/USB activity into a visual timeline
  • Generate automated reports for Media and USB summaries, unique and shared artifacts and investigation findings
  • Manage hundreds or thousands of DP-10 acquisitions in a single platform for efficient use of storage space and historical data
  • Export cases to outside orgs and agencies for analysis in enterprise-level Truxton instances