What Can Truxton Do For You?

No matter what your forensic role is, Truxton delivers tangible benefits that will reduce your backload, improve the efficiency and documentation of casework, and provide the management tools you need to keep your finger on the pulse of all your investigations.

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Detectives and Local Law Enforcement

Time Saving Automation

Being a one-stop forensic shop isn’t easy. When you’re responsible for everything from kicking down the door to extracting and analyzing a pile of devices and drives, you need to make the best use of your time. Truxton allows you to turn your forensic laptop into a full-blown lab that automates loading, carving, and analyzing data from all of your extraction tools. Truxton will even provide indexed reports of every action taken during an investigation. Show me more

Investigators and Analysts

Information, Not Data

Truxton allows you to ingest all of the media pertinent to an investigation into a single platform, making it easy for multiple investigators to review everything simultaneously. This approach allows investigators to share findings and notes with colleagues working with you. You can also send information to outside organizations and subject matter experts, without switching contexts between several different forensic tools. Show me more

Task Force Analysts

Cold Hits and Alerts

Truxton’s unique architecture provides analysts a singular, ‘big picture view’ of all media simultaneously, allowing you to quickly perform cross-investigation queries. Truxton can also provide automatic alerts for shared items of interest in seemingly unrelated or historical cases, like passwords, nicknames, or sensitive site violations. This information can, in turn, be sent up or down to other agencies and organizations to effectively share metadata in a fast, secure environment. Show me more

Forensic Technicians

Conquer Your Backlog

Truxton allows you to process data across multiple machines to reduce backlogs and leverage the hardware you have for maximum efficiency. All of the processing is done in the background, and can be reviewed during loading or paused to prioritize another investigation. Once the data is loaded, it can be retained in a single database, and accessed by multiple users in multiple investigations, eliminating time-killing reloads and duplication. Show me more

Expert Witnesses and SMEs

Jury-Ready Reports

Being prepared is the key to successful expert testimony. But when you’re juggling multiple cases, court dates, and software platforms, it’s easy to let something slip through the cracks. A few missing notes in your log book can mean the difference between conviction and acquittal. Truxton’s built-in jury ready reports and audit log automatically keeps track of your findings, the steps used to reach your conclusions, and the exact path and location of every piece of evidence. Show me more

Lab Managers

Measure What You Manage

Truxton provides managers with an easy to understand, continuously updated snapshot of everything going through the lab. Knowing how much data is being processed, how many cases are open, and who is working on what will help you identify bottlenecks, budget your resources, and justify future investments in people and hardware. Show me more

Systems Administrators

Leverage Your Hardware

Truxton is designed to leverage proven technologies that let you manage your architecture with ease, using tools you already have in place — Windows Shares and PostgreSQL. There’s no dongles, no proprietary security, or sharing requirements. There is no com

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