The Ultimate Digital Forensics Bundle is Here


It’s a forensics lab in a bundle! Get the quick collection capability of DataPilot 10 along with the analytical power of the all-new Truxton LE! Digital criminals don’t stand a chance!


Truxton LE

Truxton LE provides many of the most powerful features of Truxton in a special version that’s designed for single-instance installations that don’t require a network, multi-user, or shared database capabilities. It’s the perfect complement to open source and dedicated acquisition tools like the DataPilot 10.

DataPilot 10

Get the mobile device data you need immediately in the field. Use Truxton LE with your DataPilot 10 to get powerful media management, correlation, timeline and advanced reporting features in an easy-to-use, intuitive platform.

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Get the Ultimate Digital Forensics Bundle and Make the Most of Your Data Acquisition Tools.

Truxton LE & DataPilot 10 allows users to:

  • Load multiple DataPilot 10 acquisitions into a single investigation for automated correlation across multiple phones
  • Correlate phone acquisitions with hard disks, USB devices, drones, and other disparate data sources
  • Automatically identify and tag important file data like dark web activity, encrypted and embedded files, drone activity, and sensitive site violations
  • Reduce massive file piles into automatically identified artifacts like names, accounts, credit card numbers, passwords, and other key information
  • Place mobile events, conversations, and network/USB activity into a visual timeline
  • Generate automated reports for Media and USB summaries, unique and shared artifacts, and investigative findings
  • Export cases to outside organizations and agencies for analysis in enterprise-level and cloud-based Truxton instances.




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