Truxton Forensics, an automated forensics platform developed by Probity Inc., is pleased to be named the newest member of Grayshift’s Technology Alliances Program. The Technology Alliances Program (TAP) is a Digital Forensics ecosystem that facilitates open, multi-vendor integration and certifications to improve the effectiveness of digital investigation tools. 

‘Grayshift is excited to add Truxton as a partner that can help GrayKey customers improve their digital forensics workflow and achieve our vision to access lawfully, discover swiftly, and protect justly,’ said Scott Ryals, Grayshift’s Technology Alliances Manager.

Truxton’s automated forensics platform can be used by local, regional, and federal agencies to improve the speed and efficiency of investigations and provide an effective way to view data collected from multiple sources like phones, laptops, drones, and automobiles in a single, unified workspace.

‘We’re honored to be selected as a certified TAP partner’, said Dave Ryberg, Truxton’s Sales Director. ‘We are looking forward to providing Grayshift customers with a fully automated analytical platform that can deliver aggregated, correlated, and actionable information from GrayKey collections of any size—from a single phone to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of seized devices.’

For a demonstration of how Truxton and GrayKey work together to improve the performance of your digital forensics lab, email sales [at] 

Learn more about Grayshift’s Technology Alliances Program at Technology Alliances Program – Grayshift.

About Truxton

Truxton is a fully scalable, enterprise forensics platform developed by Probity Inc., a leader in Media Exploitation, Human Language Technology, and Cross-Domain Solutions for the Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and DoD markets. Truxton was developed to address the challenges of processing, analyzing, and sharing actionable intelligence data collections in any operating environment, from the tactical edge to regional and national labs. For more information, visit and

About Grayshift

Grayshift is a leading provider of mobile device digital forensics, specializing in lawful access and extraction. Grayshift solutions are purpose-built to help law enforcement and government investigative agencies swiftly resolve critical investigations and ensure public safety. The company’s innovative GrayKey technology provides same-day access, complete control, and comprehensive data extraction from mobile devices. Designed and assembled in the United States, GrayKey is trusted by 1000 agencies across 30 countries world-wide. For more information, visit